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Tonight we are mourning for Dallas and for the Law Enforcement Community in general. We are a Blue company and a Blue family. Most of our clients are involved in law enforcement in one way or another and tonight many of their spouses and children are most likely wishing they would just quit after what happened in Dallas. After seeing people celebrate the death of 5 officers and hearing stories of how cops in the line of fire were trying to protect the very people there to protest them, even I don’t see why anyone would want to put that uniform back on and face that kind of ignorant hatred. But they do. So many of our friends and family members did just that today because they believe in doing what’s right and protecting those they swore to protect.

It is a coincidence that we are donating 10% of our sales this month to a cause that supports the families of fallen officers. In one horrible night, 5 more families were added to the list of those who are helped by this organization and this ride. I am honored to be able to help raise money for these families, but I am always hoping and praying that I will never have to be on the receiving end of these funds.

If you would like to donate directly, please go to the link or click on the picture below. The money does not go specifically to the families of the fallen Dallas officers, but to a fund for all fallen officers’ families.

Thank you,


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