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Dog Walking Services


It's a proven fact that dogs who get regular exercise are less likely to have separation anxiety, and are more likely to let you keep your nice things intact. We're here to help your dog miss you a little less while you are working that messed up overnight shift. You know, the one that leaves your pup wondering why you're sleeping during the day instead of enjoying it with him or her. We can't promise to make your dog as nocturnal as you, but we can do our best to alleviate some of those sad eyes you get from your fur baby when you crawl into bed as the sun rises.


We have had specialized training in dog behavior and can handle anything that might make your dog "react." We are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. We are also aware that if you care enough to hire us, you most likely care enough to be training your pup. We will be sure to adhere to your training commands and techniques, as long as they are positive.


The amount of time your dog will be walked is up to you. All visits include walks that can last up to 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the visit.

***New clients MUST have a Consultation prior to scheduling services.***

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